Blockchain of Every Chains

Nerves blockchain is built to connect all blockchain network together as one. Due to the nature at which it is being built, it is termed a trust-inclined or trust-based multidimensional blockchain technology which connects different internet services into one system or platform.


Breakthrough Key Features

Proof of Linkage

This would be an automated algorithm that will ensure better performance. In addition to increasing performance, the POL also promises to enhance security while regulating the privacy and accessibility of data.

500 million TPS

With Nerves Blockchain the Maximum TPS can reach up to 500 million TPS.


Security, data privacy, specialized chains and an incorporated range of multi-signature, passphrase encryption and separation of private and public keys makes the Nerves Network revolutionary.

Blockchain to Blockchain

This type of blockchain enriches the transactions of the original blockchain concept by adding a second layer of data, which can store any relevant information, including data about the senders, the receivers and the transactions.


In sharding, there is similarity in governance between Peripheral chains and inasmuch as this is made possible, there should be no limitations to providing of information between each Peripheral chain.

D-app ecosystem

Nerves Blockchain is a new ecosystem for D-App and Developers.

Token Allocation
10% Team & Advisor
16% Angel Investors
14% Investment Funds
10% Foundation & Partners
20% StakeHolders
20% Marketing & Airdrop
10% Community Reward
Token Information
Circulating Supply: 3,300,000,000 NER
Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 NER
Max supply: 16,000,000,000 NER
Smart Contract: 0xee5dfb5ddd54ea2fb93b796a8a1b83c3fe38e0e6

Nerves Road Map


How Nerves Blockchain will be the future?

Project Vision:
Blockchain for every chains

Central Chain:

Central chain is the important chain on the platform in which also serves as the base of the Nerves blockchain ecosystem. This central chain gives an aggregate hereby producing information and data of all Branch chain within the system.

The primary purpose of the central chain is for optimization which has to do with transaction processing scalability and how expandable it could be when it stores the least information like; address of each Branch chain, etc.

Peripheral Chain:

Peripheral chain is simultaneously an independent blockchain, as well as a D-App. The Branch chain has been designed in such a way that it can form its own agreed governance epending on the operating algorithm. At the end, the Branch chain stops at the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) level.


Have any questions?

What is Nerves?

Nerves Blockchain is a different type of network that is supportive of Internet of Things (IoT) devices which is more interested in self-privacy, ensuring scalability for other systems and networks, as well as acting as the core backbone for other chains.

How does the Ner System work?

NER works on the Ethereum platform and runs on the ERC20 token standard which describes the functions and events that an Ethereum token contract has to implement. NER coin is released on Q3-2019 and operated on its own chain.

How would the investors get NER token through stakeholder?

Yes. The more token you hold, The more token you can have.

What is Proof of Linkage?

This would be an automated algorithm that will ensure better performance. In addition to increasing performance, the POL also promises to enhance security while regulating the privacy and accessibility of data.

Who are the opponents of NER in the market?

There is no specific opponents. NER was created with the vision of completing the current blockchains.

How can I get NER tokens?

You can buy NER tokens on the exchanges or from a stakeholder.

Will NER hold an airdrop program?

Yes. The first one will take place at the end of August.

Are there network fees when transferring NER tokens?

It depends on ETH Network or Exchange fee policy (if you buy NER from an exchange).


Awesome Development Team

Joe Shzang
Yuan Zhang
Xiu Jun
Harshal Vinay Kulkarni
Blockchain Developer
Toby Shepherd
Blockchain Architecture
Dustin Deforest
Community Manager

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